All your startup needs to build and scale a SaaS App on aws

Your infra at a fraction of the time and cost of building it yourself!

INFRALESS is trusted by the World's Best Startup Teams

INFRALESS is the first and only subscription service that offers a way for startups to build and scale their SaaS app on AWS without the heavy lifting and the big costs associated in setting and maintaining that up.

Whether you are launching your MVP or you are at a growth stage needing to scale, INFRALESS can help you to get your Infrastructure setup Faster and more Affordable, in addition to provide you with an awesome support you will love!


Your Infrastructure
setup and running
in about a day!


90% Cheaper to maintain.
Get $5000 in AWS Credits
to get Started!


Scale your application
from 1 to 1M users with ease
without the heavy lifting.

The Support you deserve

Expert Advice from our
AWS Certified Engineers
directly on your Slack

INFRALESS is the fastest and most affordable way to get
an enterprise-grade infrastructure setup and running on
AWS that you can own and evolve.

Kevin Daly - CEO at Value-AD

Deploying your own infrastructure can be challenging. There are just so much to consider when evaluating how you will deploy, scale, secure, be cost-effective while keeping your all environment compliant with regulations such as HIPAA, PCI-DSS, IRAP and others.

But when you choose INFRALESS you will save money and zillions of DevOps hours if you would build it yourself or hire a consultant.

We will free your team from all the stress of getting a production battle-tested enterprise-grade AWS Infrastructure that can be customised and deployed in about a day!

So, how does it work?
It is simpler than you imagine.


Get access to our
Enterprise Grade AWS
Infrastructure Stack

Save zillions of DevOps hours and get a production battle-tested enterprise-grade AWS Infrastructure stack completely written as a code.

We combine Terraform, Python and Bash scripts to automate all the deployment and make it easier to add and remove modules.

Our enterprise grade AWS Infrastructure stack is built on top of Kubernetes and provides highly availability, scalability, security, and DevOps without compromising in cost, all out of the box!

It is suitable for the majority of SaaS apps architectures such as Single or Multi-tenant, Monolithic or Micro-Services apps.


We will deploy it to you in about a day based on your exact needs

Optimised web servers for a variety of software frameworks like PHP, Ruby on Rails, Go,, Vue, React, Python, Java and others.

Decide how many environments you want to start with, such as Production, Staging, Integration or Development, with an option to expand later if required.

Select supporting services such as Load Balancers, Databases, Caching, Queue Management, Secrets Management, Logging and more. Refer to our product sheet for more information.

We will then configure an end to end CI/CD deployment pipeline process to meet your development team requirements.

Finish up by approving the deployment plan with full visibility on how much AWS will charge you.


Own all the code and
evolve your infrastructure
whenever you need

Own all the code after the first 6 months of subscription while getting expert support and training from our AWS Certified Engineers.

Everything is documented and the know-how is passed through so your team can take over your infrastructure operations. If you need further help, you can always renew your subscription to another 6 months and get the extra perks that comes with it.

Talk to an AWS Expert today to see if INFRALESS is a good fit for your SaaS Startup!

Talk to an AWS EXPERT

Not convinced yet? Perhaps our FAQ section can provide you more insights how INFRALESS can help you build and scale your SaaS application on AWS.

What is included in the baseline Infrastructure?
Can I scale my Infra when my business grows?
What is included in the Free Assessment?
What if I need something customised to my needs?
What if I need to migrate from old setup to the new Infrastructure, do you help with the Migration?
What if I want to go completely serverless?

We asked our customers about the value they get when choosing INFRALESS and the top 6 are highlighted below:

Fixed Cost

No surprises. Get a
fixed cost on our
baseline infrastructure plus $5000 USD in AWS Credits.


Compliant environment ready to
meet industry requirements
(HIPAA, PCI-DSS, IRAP and others).

Full CI/CD Process

DevOps processes included,
an end to end CI/CD pipeline setup.

Hands On Support

Certified AWS Engineers
that will help you keep your
Infrastrucuture up and

Latest Tech

Run your applications on a fully compliant Kubernetes environment supported by the latest versions, tools and configured with the best practices.


After the initial 6 months subscription, you will have 100% ownership of the all code used to deploy your Infrastructure.

SaaS Startups grow really FAST when they choose INFRALESS.
Over 100+ SaaS apps running on AWS successfully!

Badr Kamal

"They put together an AWS infrastructure that is scalable, highly available, secure, and cost-effective, In addition to streamline our entire DevOps processes"

Kevin Daly

"INFRALESS is the fastest and most affordable way to get an enterprise grade infrastructure setup and running on AWS that you can own and evolve."

Ayman Soliman

"I would recommend INFRALESS for any organization that is looking to build a world class infrastructure stack on top of AWS"

Natalie Wieland

"INFRALESS provided a scalable, secure, high available and high performing environment on AWS"

James Rector

"My AWS Infrastructure is safe, scalable, and fast. I would recommend to any SaaS startup!


"INFRALESS was instrumental in helping us revamp, secure and optimise our network topology."

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