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Performance at Scale

Kubernetes brings dynamism

Kubernetes makes you architecture more responsive to the change. It reduces global sysadmin costs and improves the service quality that would hard to achieve differently.

Inproved Resource Allocation

Kubernetes scale resources automatically based on application needs.

Simplified DevOps and performance

When you change a container, the old one is replaced cleverly. The old application will remain active until they finish to serve the pending requests.

Hands-free infrastructure to maintain applications at up to 90% lower cost.

Powered by, it continuously analyses how your applications are using the infrastructure, automatically scaling compute resources to maximize utilization and availability utilizing the optimal blend of spot, reserved and on-demand compute instances to save costs up to 90% (compared to on-demand).

  • Cost Savings
  • Performance Improvement

Securely delivery content with low latency and high transfer speeds

Reduce application latency by delivering data through 310+ globally dispersed Points of Presence (PoPs) with automated network mapping and intelligent routing.

Deliver fast, secure applications

Reach viewers across the globe in milliseconds with built-in data compression, edge compute capabilities, and field-level encryption.

Accelerate dynamic content delivery

Optimize dynamic web content delivery with the purpose-built and feature-rich AWS global network infrastructure.

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Availability and Reliability with confidence

Reliability at every stage

Multi-Region and Multi-AZ deployments provide enhanced availability and durability for critical resources in production.

Can I deploy my application to multiple AWS regions?

Yes. INFRALESS is architected in a way that it can host your application in multiple AWS Regions. However, your application may be required to be changed to accommodate a Multi Region setup.  

How much traffic the infrastructure can handle?

The Infrastructure continuously analyses how your application are using the infrastructure, automatically scaling compute resources to match demand. Specific considerations needs to be made when building your database so It can allow for growth.

Evenly distribute traffic to meet high demand

A Load balancing improves the performance and availability of applications, websites, databases, and other computing resources.

Secure your applications with integrated certificate management, user-authentication, and SSL/TLS decryption.

Deliver applications with high availability and automatic scaling.

Monitor the health and performance of your applications in real time, uncover bottlenecks, and maintain SLA compliance.

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Security out of the box
(HIPAA, PCI-DSS, IRAP, others)

Compliance out of the box

INFRALESS brings security and compliance to startups in a more cost-effective way by applying cloud-native concepts, disrupting the old guard of institutions in sectors like finance and health. It helps you get ready for HIPAA, PCI-DSS and IRAP audits.

Secure entry-point to your infrastructure

Protect and govern access to your AWS Organization and resources.


Creates secure connections between your distributed team and your AWS cloud resources and private apps.


Unify access to all your AWS resources using AWS SSO. Manage access centrally across your entire AWS organization.

Secure your apps with end to end encryption

Transform your security posture from just protecting the edge to consistently securing all inter-service communications deep within your applications with SSL Certificate, Mutual TLS and Identity.

  • Auto Renewed Certificates

  • Complete Control of Encryption Keys

  • Full Visibility of your end to end communication channels

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CI/CD, Logging and Management
A complete set of tools to make any team life easier

Faster and more reliable reliable application releases.

Build and unit testing stages of the entire software release process. Every revision that is committed triggers an automated build and test. With continuous integration and deployment, code changes are automatically built, tested, and released to any environment.

Git Tagging or Branch Based, Monolith or Micro-services, Git Hub or Bitbucket Pipelines, CircleCI or ArgoCD. We got you covered.

Deploy to multiple environments, test multiple versions at once, and enable your Dev and QA teams to exceed in detecting and resolving issues earlier.

Frustration-free log management

We have partnered with Papertrail to provide a frustration-free log management with Real Time Logging, Log Velocity Analytics, and Instant Alerts.

Receive Alerts Only for the Issues that Matter and Eliminate False-Positives

See Inside Any Stack, Any App, At Any Scale, Anywhere. Investigate and Troubleshoot Issues Faster.

Can't outsource your logs due to compliance reasons? We got you covered with AWS CloudWatch Logs.

Simplified observability,  management, security, and policy

A complete software stack for teams adopting containers. It addresses the operational and security challenges of managing multiple Kubernetes clusters and applications, while providing DevOps teams with integrated tools such as Prometheus and Grafana for observability, Fluentd for logging, and Istio for service mesh.

  • Simplified cluster operations

  • Security policy & user management

  • Consistent access to shared tools & services

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Full Feature List
Sneak peak of all the features in our baseline infrastructure

  • Infrastructure as a Code

  • AWS Multi Account Management

  • AWS Login

  • Networking

  • Secure Access

  • Cluster Management

  • Logging Monitoring

  • Infrastructure Stats

  • Mesh Network

  • End to End Encryption

  • Content Delivery Network

  • Databases

  • Cache Clusters

  • File Systems

  • Cluster

  • Auto Scaling / Fleet Management

  • Stateful Kubernetes Services

  • DNS Management

  • Secrets Management

  • Continuous Integration and Deployment

  • Docker Image Repository Management

  • Firewall

  • DDOS Mitigation

  • Load Balancing

  • Documentation

  • Docker Templates

  • Observability

  • Terraform

  • AWS Control Tower

  • AWS SSO (Single Sign On)

  • 3 Layers Secure VPC . Public, Private and Secure + NAT Gateway.

  • Teleport or OpenVPN

  • Rancher

  • Papertrail or AWS Cloud Watch or DataDog

  • Prometheus+Grafana or AWS Cloud Watch or DataDog


  • AWS NLB with SSL Termination + ISTIO Mutual TLS

  • AWS Cloudfront

  • AWS Aurora MYSQL, Aurora PostgreSQL, Atlas MongoDB, DocumentDB, AWS ElasticSearch

  • AWS Redis, AWS MemCached

  • AWS S3 Buckets, AWS EFS (Elastic File System)

  • AWS EKS (Kubernetes)

  • + HPA (Horizontal Pod Auto Scaling)

  • PostgreSQL Kubernetes Operator, MYSQL Kubernetes Operator

  • AWS Route 53 or CloudFlare

  • AWS SSM with Native Kubernetes Secrets

  • Apps of Apps with ARGOCD and GitHub/BitBucket Pipelines


  • AWS WAF (Optional)

  • AWS Shield (Optional)


  • Auto Generated in PDF or HTML

  • PHP/Laravel, PHP Code Igniter, JAVA, Ruby on Rails, Python and Go.

  • Kiali and Jaeger

Looking for different features?

With INFRALESS we can quickly customise your infrastructure based on your exact needs. In addition, you own the code and you can evolve it anytime.

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