The most affordable way to build and scale on AWS!

A simple pricing structure that aims to simplify your options and make this a non-brainer for you.

  • $1790
  • Monthly
    for 6 months

    *total of USD $5740
    (including AWS credits)

  • This is 5X more affordable than a Full Time Senior DevOps Engineer
  • We will deploy a Battle-Tested Enterprise Grade Compliant AWS Infrastructure based on AWS Well Architected Framework where you will use it to build and scale your SaaS application, in addition to:
  • An AWS Infrastructure completely written as a code that is Ready for compliance (HIPAA, PCI-DSS, IRAP)
  • $5000 USD in AWS Credits
  • 6 Months Support
  • AWS Expert Engineers ready to chat via Slack
  • Up to 48 hours SLA Support Response time
  • Fortnightly Review Calls with an AWS Solutions Architect
    Where we will provide advice how you can continue to Scale your Infrastructure
  • Comprehensive documentation and DevOps Training Material
  • Continuous Infrastructure Updates
    We will pro-actively keep your Infrastructure Updated
* If you are looking for Same Day Response time SLA, Weekly or even daily review calls with our solutions Architects, Migration or Implementation of custom services such as KAFKA Event Streams, Serverless, Data Lakes, or a customised Network Setup outside our baseline infrastructure. Get In Touch!

Still have questions?
Our Simplified Pricing at a glance.

Why is this a monthly subscription service and not just a one-off fee?
What if I need extra support by the end of the first 6 months subscription?
Is there any discounts for Non-Profits?
What is included in the monthly subscription support?
Do you provide a Free Assessment?
What if I need to migrate from an old setup to the new Infrastructure, do you help with the Migration?
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SaaS Startups grow really FAST when they choose INFRALESS.
Over 100+ SaaS apps running on AWS successfully!

Badr Kamal

"They put together an AWS infrastructure that is scalable, highly available, secure, and cost-effective, In addition to streamline our entire DevOps processes"

Kevin Daly

"INFRALESS is the fastest and most affordable way to get an enterprise grade infrastructure setup and running on AWS that you can own and evolve."

Ayman Soliman

"I would recommend INFRALESS for any organization that is looking to build a world class infrastructure stack on top of AWS"

Natalie Wieland

"INFRALESS provided a scalable, secure, high available and high performing environment on AWS"

James Rector

"My AWS Infrastructure is safe, scalable, and fast. I would recommend to any SaaS startup!


"INFRALESS was instrumental in helping us revamp, secure and optimise our network topology."

We worked for large enterprises, and we have been consultants for years before launching INFRALESS. There are great consultants out there that perhaps can get you up and running on AWS just fine.

But let's get real, we been there hundred times and with a team of more than 40 AWS Engineers we understand what you will need to build now and what you will need in the future to scale your SaaS application on AWS.

Nevertheless, here is a glimpse of our pricing and delivery structure compared to the competition, at a glance:



1 - 5 days
highly predictable

6 Months Subscription

USD $1790 per month*
(*baseline architecture including support and training)


AWS Certified Engineers

Do it yourself


6 - 12 months
(highly variable)

Monthly Cost

$16,000 - $20,000 per month
(2 devs, $100k - $120k year)





3 - 6 months
(highly variable)

Monthly Cost

$20,000 - $30,000 per month
($140 - $200 per hour)


Costly and not consistent

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Seriously, no pitching (maybe a little bit), but certainly true value! I'm sure we can at least shed some light to how you can get the most of AWS!

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